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Friday, December 9, 2011

5k Friday and Gingerbread houses

This morning I went to the gym and actually jogged my 5k.  I'm very happy with myself :)

Last night we went to Pack Meeting and watched the kids make gingerbread houses.  Even Chloe pulled herself out of bed and went.

Brian jumped in and helped a little.

Graeme had a plan, if I didn't know better I'd swear he had blueprints hidden somewhere.  He was very focused!

Almost done!

All the way done!

This is Chloe's house after the tremendous candy rainstorm that came through.

Kai thinks tall.

And this is Graeme's ski lodge.

This is all three houses all the way finished.  Left to right: Kai's, Graeme's Chloe's.

It was good big fun and everybody's at school today.  Hooray!

Monday, December 5, 2011

I am a Christian

I had kind of a shock yesterday in Primary.  We were discussing the political atmosphere in Jerusalem and the surrounding areas in ancient times (you know, Jews vs Christians) and one of my students looked at me and said:

"Well, we're not christians, we're Mormons."

Immediately all the other kids joined in with similar comments.  I was really, really surprised!  We've spent this whole last year studying the New Testament, learning the teachings of Jesus Christ!  Plus, one of these kids has a dad in the Bishopric, one of them has a dad in the High Priest Group leadership, one of them has a mom in the Relief Society Presidency and they all come from strong, faithful families.  No wonder the world doesn't consider us christians, our own children don't consider themselves christians!

It made me wonder: do my children know?  You can bet we'll be having this discussion in FHE tonight!

But for the record, I belong to the Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints, sometimes referred to as the "Mormons".  I believe that JESUS CHRIST lived on this earth, died and was resurrected.  I believe that JESUS CHRIST is the Son of God who atoned for my sins.  I believe that JESUS CHRIST is the Savior of the world and is my own, personal Savior.  In short,