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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


We don't have church until 1pm and the sun came out for a few minutes so the kids got to color eggs...

 and search for candy....

in their pajamas!

Here's my gorgeous daughter (when did she grow up so much?) in her new dress that her ultra-talented (and modest) mother made for her.

It's the first dress I've made for her without a tie in the back.  She's so tiny that I had to cut off about 8 inches of fabric to get it to fit her this well.  It kind of freaks me out how much older she looks in it, though :)

I didn't make the boys' clothes, but I think they both look handsome anyway.

I took them both to get haircuts so they're both mad at me for getting it cut so short.  The way I see it, the shorter the hair the less often I have to pay for haircuts so when they start paying for their own haircuts they can choose how short it will be.  (Although, as long as they live in my house it won't be below the collar!)

I love Easter, it renews my hope.