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Friday, December 5, 2008


Today was grocery day. That means spending the entire day in town buying everything we will need for the coming week. A daunting task, but for me, it's easier to get it all done at once and not have to keep running to the store every other day. Anyway, Kai's developed this nasty, barky cough and he felt really warm when I got him up this morning. So you know what I did? Took him grocery shopping anyway. I know, I'm a horrible mother but I didn't actually take his temperature so maybe he didn't have a fever. Right?

Well, I repented and took his temperature before I put him to bed. I'm embarrassed to admit that it's 102. Sigh. I guess it's another round of the sickies for us. At least I got my shopping done, though.

Today, I'm most grateful for:

M and M's. Not only are they great potty treats, they help convince a very sick three year old to take his medicine.
A digital thermometer. So I don't have to guess just how hot he really is.
Payday. What a blessing it is to have enough money for all of our needs!
A barf bucket. It's so much easier to clean than sheets, carpet, couch, etc.
Ibuprofen. As a fever reducer, it just can't be beat. And, honestly, when his temperature is down he sleeps, and when he sleeps, I sleep, and when I sleep, I cope.


sues2u2 said...

Oh, I am sooooooo sorry that Kai is sick again. That is totally not cool. Hey, I was talking w/ Grandma earlier & she says the best thing is to coat your feet w/ vick's & put on an old pair of socks & go to bed. She says that it took two nights & then she felt better.

Ya never know.

Pat said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Kai, is he doing any better today? Sure hope so. We love him so much, give him a hug for us.

Love Ya,