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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Nativity Scene

I have to confess. I'm really dreading Christmas this year. I have the usual hundred billion things to do, money's really tight, we don't have the decorations up and there's not even one snowflake on the ground. So last night we did our annual, traditional, setting up of the Nativity Scene. Every year Brian reads the story of Christ's birth out of the scriptures and the kids take turns choosing and placing the figures in and around the stable. It's a fun tradition that I (without shame) blatantly stole from my own childhood memories. Here's our main Nativity:
I actually have three Nativity sets and two or three Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus figurines. Here's the kid's Nativity:

I love this one because the kids can play with it and not break the other ones. Although last year, I wasn't sure whether to laugh or be horrified when Baby Jesus started flying around the living room shooting at the angel. Heck, this year we've already discovered that all the animals as well as the people, fences and manger can fit in the stable at the same time. At least nobody got shot this time! Yet.

Anyway, back to dreading Christmas. As I sat listening to the Christmas Story (for the millionth time), it touched my heart as it always does. I could imagine Mary and Joseph, so excited for the birth of the Child but still weighed down by so many worries and responsibilities. I pictured the shepherds, relaxing or sleeping or gazing at the stars. Suddenly, an angel appeared to give them the good news! The Christ Child is born! Rejoice! I thought about the Wise Men. Will I ever be that wise? Will I see the signs in the heavens when Christ comes? And, of course, I couldn't help but think about Joe and Bess Average Citizen fast asleep in their beds when He was born. They didn't get choirs of angels but I wonder if Bess woke up feeling a little extra happy, knowing deep in her heart of hearts that something miraculous and tender had happened.

And I realized, (for the millionth time), that this is what Christmas is about. He is born! This ultimate gift from our loving Heavenly Father! Rejoice! So today I am most grateful:

For Christmas!
For Joy!
For Jesus Christ!
For Mary, his mother!
most of all, just today,
For Hope.

Merry Christmas to us all!


sues2u2 said...

Once again you are my hero. I am sooo excited to sit down tonight & set up our nativity sets as well. & of course we totally "borrowed" the idea from our childhood too.

Pat said...

What a joy it is to read about what you are grateful for. I'm glad a thing or two was able to be carried through to the next generation.

Love ya,