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Thursday, December 4, 2008


I guess the powers that be overheard me complaining about our complete lack of snow, because it snowed early this morning! Here are some pictures I took before it melted away:

Guess it's time to wrap the trees.

And take the net off the trampoline.

And clean off the back porch.

The snow was really a nice surprise, though, because the weather people all said the storm would pretty much pass us by. Hah!

So yesterday I was going through Graeme's backpack and I found a letter he wrote to Santa at school. I'm not sure what the actual assignment was, but his letter is hilarious. I couldn't scan it to add to this post, but I'll quote it for you and you can imagine the first grader handwriting and erased words. Here it is, as true to the original as I can get it:

Dear Santa, Thank you fo

-r your reiindeers,and I ha-
ve a few questions,How do
your reindeers fly?How do
your elvs make presents
so fast?And How do you
resist the cold?Well thats
is all the questious so goodby
youxr friend, Graeme Carver.

He cracks me up. The funny thing is, when he read it to me, all the words and grammar were correct. And in case you were wondering, "resist" was one of their vocabulary words a week or two ago. So today I'm most grateful for:


Snow! Because the older I get, the more magic there is in a surprise snowfall.

Yellow grass on the mountain that glows in the sun.

A digital camera. So I can share the beauty that I see every day.
Insulation. This picture was actually taken almost four hours after I turned the heat up to 70. Hooray for insulation!


Dutson House Happenings said...

Hyrum always gets snow before Logan! We had very little snow compared to what you got. I kinda miss the days of having snow at the house and driving into town and finding none!

I love how little kids use the words they learn! It's so fun to see their little brains in action!

Love bug said...

I am glad that you guys got some snow!! I felt that same way about it when we got our snow. Wahoo for snow!!!

Rachael said...

I am LOVING your daily gratitude posts!!!!!! Keep them coming!

Pat said...

I loved Graeme's Santa letter but he's way toooooo smart. Who on earth would think of those questions, I sure wouldn't.

We love him so much, please give him a hug for us.

Love ya,