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Friday, December 5, 2008

Graeme's great!

Graeme's teachers have a fantastic discipline/organization system in place. Really terrific. Of course, Graeme is having a rough time, probably because he is physically incapable of sitting still for longer than about 30 seconds. Seriously, he doesn't even lie still when he's sleeping.

Anyway, Graeme's teachers give the kids a strike each time they break a rule, disrupt the class, etc. Poor Graeme always gets at least one strike each day. Until Tuesday! No strikes! Hooray! The same thing Wednesday, Thursday and Friday! Hooray! I'm so excited I can't hardly stand it! He's so smart and creative and tender-hearted that it was just killing me to have him get in trouble all the time.

We all made a big deal and took him to McDonald's for dinner tonight. He also got a couple of awards at school. I'm sure Monday will be business as usual, but it was sure a nice break from all the stress and worry. Hooray for Graeme!


sues2u2 said...

Yipee, Graeme!!! We knew that you could do it!!! We LOVE you lots & lots!!!

love, Hanae, Nik, uncle gene & aunt susie!!

Pat said...

Yea Graeme, I'm so happy and proud of him. I can understand your excitement. He is such a delightful boy - just so much energy. We love him so much!

Love Ya,