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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Yard and garden.

Well our yard is starting to look like someone actually lives here. Of course now we need to get it ready for winter, but I can actually stand looking at it for five or ten minutes at a time. I took pictures for proof.

This is our front yard. That green stuff is actually grass. (mostly) And that sad little tree is a crabapple that hopefully won't die over the winter.

This is my sweet baby peach tree. It was a Mother's Day present two years ago. And yes, the green stuff around it is actually grass. (mostly) Now that you've seen how teeny the tree is, check out this:Yes, those are actually peaches and there are ten of them on that teeny tree. We kept going out in the spring and pulling peaches off the tree so it would grow but we finally gave up and let it grow some fruit. It's sure a determined little buggar!

This is our great big maple that we blew our tax refund on two years ago. Again, hopefully it won't die this winter. We're apparently the kiss of death when it comes to big trees.Here's our beans. For awhile the garden actually looked like a garden and not a rainforest but I didn't manage to get pictures at that point so just try to imagine healthy, green bean plants without the encroaching wilderness.

This is our very sad, world's shortest corn. We think the grasshoppers have eaten the tassels off a plant or two.

Okay, clearly these pictures aren't conveying the impression I was going for so let's finish with this one:

Ta da! What can I say? I'm a sucker for kid shots!


sues2u2 said...

I can't believe how green your front yard is. It looks like it filled in very nicely too. All that hard work has paid off!

I'm a sucker for kid shots too. Especially those cuties of yours (well, okay, mine too!!)

Pat said...

We enjoyed the dinner last night too, thanks for inviting us. I have enjoyed looking at your yard and garden, sure makes a difference when someone like you guys put heart and soul into it. It is looking so great!!

What a nice surprise, the b-day greetings in your home. See they know how neat you are too.

Love ya,