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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Brian - #2

This is Brian, and even though I'm posting about him second, he's anything but #2.

He is my better half and the love of my life. He's smart and talented and funny and kind and frugal and faithful and WAY more patient than me. He works very hard to support me and the kids so that I can be home with them. He also likes to make funny faces when I'm taking a picture of him (so these pictures are your own fault, honey!)

We met in college (in the band) many years ago when the earth was young and dinosaurs roamed. Maybe that's why our kids are so dino-crazy?

He had to shave the beard when he got called to the High Council which was very hard for me for awhile, but now that I'm used to it he's just as gorgeous as ever!

Lest he develop a big head from reading this, he does occasionally drive me nuts with his quirky ways, but he truly is the perfect match for me. I love you, Brian!


Rachael said...

Steph! I love this idea and I love these posts! Keep them up!!!

*And yeah - that Brian is a keeper!

Pat said...

I think you have a good one to start your big "38" with. Your cute Hubby is just right for you and I love you two together and of course the other three that make you all "whole"!

Love you all,

sues2u2 said...

Awww. So sweet. Guess it's probably for the best that you feel that way about your sweetheart, eh? (hee,hee)

Sad how our men look so much younger w/o the facial hair. tsk, tsk