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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring (thank goodness it's over) Break 2010

Spring break was last week and man, what a week it was! I did my usual laundry and grocery shopping and then we played, played, played! First we went to see How To Train Your Dragon in 3-D (still the best movie ever)! Then we went to the Hogle Zoo. The giraffes were my favorite part. I just love how impossibly graceful they are!

This ground hog (or prairie dog? I not sure which) exhibit was the kids' second favorite next to the snakes and scorpions which I refused to take pictures of on the grounds that they freak me out.

Real white rhinocerous. Turns out the title "white" has nothing to do with the skin color and everything to do with the shape of the lip. Who knew?

Kids on a rhinocerous statue. I'm pretty sure the real rhino wouldn't have sat still for this sort of behavior.

Real elephant and very cute baby.

Kids in front of an elephant statue. I wanted them to sit on the trunk, but they wouldn't. Oh well.

After the zoo, we went to Baby Animal Days at the America West Heritage Center (used to be the Jensen Historical Farm). Twice. My kids look forward to this event all year. I think they enjoy it even more than Christmas! Graeme's face here is a case in point.

They had this mechanical bucking bronco set up this year. I was astonished when Chloe insisted that I let her try it. She did really well, didn't even get thrown off and had a great time! I may have a budding rodeo princess on my hands.

Actual baby animals. Poor things.

Kids in a really old car. I'm trying not to think to much about the fact that Chloe is behind the wheel.

Cute baby bear.

Okay, that was just Kai in a baby bear mask. Here's the real cute baby bear. These little guys were so adorable, they looked like big soft teddy bears. It's hard to believe that they can grow into 300 pounds wild animals.

Chloe on the all-important pony ride. I'm going to be very sad when she outgrows the ponies. I'll have to get her a summer job at one of the local farms where she can learn to ride horses. Although, honestly, I wonder if she'll ever physically outgrow ponies. She's so small!

Graeme on same pony ride.

Last but not least, Kai.

All in all, we had a ton of fun. I didn't get any projects done, but at least I didn't let the kids watch TV and play video games all week. Of course, Graeme decided to continue our new family tradition of someone getting wounded during Spring Break by slamming Kai's finger in the door. (Last year Graeme fell at Disneyland and scraped up his forehead pretty good.
Miraculously, he survived and the rest of us did too. Hopefully I'll have the stamina to continue the fun over the summer. Either way, Spring Break 2010 is done. Phew!


Pat said...

Well it might have been challenging but I loved looking at your pictures and the kids looked like they had a ball. Oh poor Kai and his injured finger. Sounds like you all had a fun break even if it was a bit busy.

Love ya,

sues2u2 said...

Thank you for NOT taking pix of what I have to deal w/! They freak me out too. Much rather enjoy these photos of the kids. Looks like they had fun. And that photo of Chloe on the bucking bull made the Prince want to do it too! ha,ha