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Monday, May 11, 2009

Being Mom

I know everyone blogs about Mother's Day, but I couldn't resist. I have no words to express my gratitude for my opportunity to be a mom and my feelings about my own mom run very deep. I miss my mother-in-law terribly and I'm trying to develop a relationship with another mother in my life.

I am surrounded and nourished by mothers. But lately, I've been more and more aware of all the women who want desperately to be mothers but can't have children for one reason or another. My dear neighbor who teaches primary and cares for her sister's baby when she has no children of her own, another friend who saw the goodness in my sweet Graeme even though her physical disabilities prevent her from conceiving a baby of her own. My new mother's daughter-in-law who has a baby in her womb that isn't growing and might have to face this world four months early.

My heart breaks for all of these women and I wish I could tell them how much they enrich me and my family. I know they will have the children they long for, I just don't know when. Please pray for them. I know Heavenly Father loves all of his children and someday we'll all understand.


sues2u2 said...

You've brought tears to my eyes. I'm really glad that you wrote this post.

Love ya

Pat said...

I have been to your blog earlier but didn't have the words to tell you what a great person you are. You have such compassion and love for others.

But I have to ask - who is your new mother? Guess I'm just curious. I didn't know I'd been replaced?

Love ya,

sues2u2 said...

It's here, it's here! Some bloggy love for you on my blog.