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Thursday, March 19, 2009

This snack is scrumptious

Last Sunday we were sitting in church and Kai learned over to Brian and said: "Daddy, this snack is scrumptious!"

What can I say? Even in the midst of this "terrible threes" (he was NICE at two), potty-training nightmare that currently is life with Kai, I can't help but be grateful that he's mine.

Today I am most grateful for:
and Scrumptious snacks.


sues2u2 said...

What more can you say than that Kai is an original? Remember when he was a newborn & we were visiting & I got to just sit & hold him? Have I ever told you how much I loved doing that?

Pat said...

I loved the pictures of the kids and their bikes. Seems like such a long time since we've been up. Between sickie kids and trips and us being sickie - what can I say it's been a long winter.

You know it is such fun to hear cute things the kids are doing. We miss seeing everyone more often.

Love ya,

Rebecca said...

Ha Ha! I'll tell ya, the "3's" were TERRIBLE for Ella too. Ugh!