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Monday, March 9, 2009

Glasses? What glasses?

Well, I hadn't been to the optometrist for almost four years so I went. Not surprisingly, my eyesight has gotten worse and I needed a new prescription. Also, I've been wearing the same pair of contacts that whole time so I decided to wear only glasses for a few weeks to give my eyes a break.
Here's the funny part; when I picked up my new glasses, the very nice girl at Standard Optical said: "Those glasses are very flattering."
Really? Flattering?
I guess I'm just not sure what she meant. After all, technically, when you say something is flattering, it means that the something makes you look good, right? But culturally, when you say something is flattering, you mean that the something makes you look thin(ner), right?
So, do my glasses make me look good? Do they make me look thin(ner)?
Or maybe, when I wasn't looking, they complimented her gratuitously and she was just trying to warn me. Hmmmmm.........
What do you think? Here are the old, icky glasses:

Here are the new, flattering glasses:

Here I am wearing the old, then the new:

I know, I'm just being silly. But, who knows? Maybe the next time I'm trying to get someone else to do what I want I could just slip on the new glasses and see what happens.......


Rachael said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the glasses!!!!! They are DARLING!!!!!!!!!! (oh and flattering too!) ;)

Sissamom said...

OH! I like the new glasses much more! Congrats on being "flattered" by your new glasses :D

sues2u2 said...

Wow! Pretty sharp looking glasses, Skip. I really love the color on you. Makes your eyes look bluer

Pat said...

Hey they look pretty darn good. Of course, the close up of you makes it difficult to really tell "how" they make you look. But I thought you looked pretty good with the old ones so these new ones must be super special!

Love ya,

Shanda said...

Well I agree with the girl at Standard-Optical. I like the new glasses much better. I recently upgraded my glasses too. What a difference!

Rebecca said...

They look GREAT!!