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Friday, May 27, 2011

5K Friday

I'm back, baby! And man does it feel good!

That's right, I went to the gym this morning and ran my 5k.  In fact, I also walked before and after so I ended up doing 4.2 miles and I didn't feel like I was going to die!  It's good to be healthy again :)  Now I'm off to do my grocery shopping where I will walk another couple of miles.  Hooray!

So what's your plan?


Anonymous said...

Good for you! My plan is to brush my pool 50 million more times (working on my arms here), walk all over the store trying to find just the right teacher gifts for the last day of school, walk all over the school delivering said gifts as well as a suit to my son for graduation, walk all over my house, stand & iron (working on balance there - lol) & um, nag my son to finish packing for high adventure camp? Does that count as exercise?

Great job, Skip!

Brian said...


Anonymous said...

I did nothing today. I'm fighting off a cold a week before our choir concerts, so I spent the day on the couch watching Pirates of the Caribbean.

Next Friday I'll have to drive to work, too, because I have to be in Denver by 6:30 for our first concert. But then choir's over for the summer and I can walk every day (weather permitting).

Pat said...

Congratulations! That is so great!