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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Not pleased!

Here's reason #7,632a why I'm not pleased with our elementary school:

Graeme hasn't been bringing home homework.  He kept telling me that he was completing it at school but his main teacher called me last week to tell me that he was missing homework assignments.  I was pretty upset and asked her to please send the missing work home and not keep him in at recess to complete it.  I didn't see any homework.  So I told Graeme no more electronics until he started bringing home homework.  Still no homework.  So I was checking the kids' grades on Powerschool yesterday and he had a whole bunch of blank scores.  I of course emailed his teachers and asked what was going on.  His reading/language arts teacher replied that she's been keeping him in at recess to do missed work and oh by the way Graeme is the only student who complains that she's going too fast and he's disruptive in class (makes noises) and he's very bright but she thinks he thinks that he can just slide by and doesn't have to do the work.  Also, (according to her) it's 3rd grade policy to give a zero for late work.  In other words, even if the kids do the work, if it's turned in late they get a big fat zero and besides (again according to her) Graeme won't bring anything home anyway so what's the point in trying to send work home?

I was speechless.  First of all, why hadn't she contacted me sooner?  How long was she just going to let Graeme fail?  Second, how has she not made the connection between no recess and Graeme's disruptive behavior?  Hello!  He's an 8-year-old boy who can't hardly sit still when he's doing something he enjoys!  He doesn't enjoy school, he's still having problems with bullies, now his teacher is being hostile AND he doesn't get to run around outside.  You don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand why this is a problem!  Third, has she ever sat down and talked to Graeme?  He doesn't like doing homework (who does?) so he doesn't bring it home (plus he's pretty forgetful).  There is no malice or forethought involved in this.  I'm pretty upset about this because this is the teacher Chloe had for 3rd grade and she was wonderful with Chloe.  So I was very excited that Graeme would have her at least for part of the day.  I guess I shouldn't have been.

I did get an email from his main teacher telling me that she doesn't take points off for late work (hmmmm, 3rd grade policy, eh) and she would start Graeme on a tracker (paper that he has to bring home every night) if I'm okay with that.  Okay with that?  I was jumping for joy!  A teacher who's willing to help!  Who knew?  Did I mention that this is his main teacher's first year teaching but his reading/language arts teacher has been teaching for at least 4 years?  Why is the new one so much more willing to solve this problem than the experienced one?

Grrrrr!  Like I said, NOT PLEASED!!!


sues2u2 said...

Oh man, Skipper, I am stunned! This does kinda remind me of the Prince's 2nd grade teacher though. Not a pretty site.

Dutson House Happenings said...

Yeah, that is no good at all. How frustrating. Hope it works out better soon!

Pat said...

I hope you can get through to this teacher. What part of being a TEACHER doesn't she understand. I mean if you aren't teaching a student then you have a BIG problem. Does she have something against working extra to see progress? Oh man, want some help "talking" to her? Just say the word, I'm there!

Rebecca said...

Ooooooooooo I am the psycho Mom who would go to the school and give my 2 cents.... There are a few businesses, etc. who are scared of me. Sorry you're dealing with that, but sounds like you're a high-road taker.
I kinda threatened legal action to Palmer Furniture for a board that broke on the bunkbed and COULD have killed my daughter. We'll see how that goes tomorrow. I'm mean. :)