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Monday, October 18, 2010

A lesson in advocacy or Not Pleased part 2

Remember how I was not very pleased with Graeme's language arts teacher last week?  Well, this morning I was helping in his class and this same teacher came and asked me to stop by and talk to her before I left.  I of course did and you can just imagine my surprise when she apologized for not emailing me back and informed me that she agreed with everything I had said.  Apparently one of the 3rd grade teachers (who has been teaching a long time) is calling the shots on the 3rd grade team and the other teachers just go along with what she wants.  Also, Graeme isn't really THAT bad in class and she's happy to start sending him out for recess.

I was relieved and grateful, but here's where the lesson comes in:  she thanked me for saying something because she didn't really agree with this other teacher but none of the parents had ever said anything so she just stuck with the status quo.  Having been a teacher, I understand that my child's teacher isn't always his best advocate.  She hasn't invested as much time and money into him as I have, she's got 32 other kids to worry about and she will NEVER love him as much as I do.  I am his BEST advocate and I'm so glad I spoke up!


sues2u2 said...

When you told me this on the phone I was flabbergasted by her turnabout. Thank heavens! I'm so grateful that this worked out in such a positive manner.

Pat said...

I am so glad you talked to her too. Good for you. You know I've heard when one person complains or calls any business with suggestions or concerns or complaints it means there are several hundred that feel the same way but do not speak up. So see your power! Go for it!

Love ya,