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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Just a dream

Today we've been home one week from our latest Bear Lake adventure. We stayed for almost a week and had a great time.

We hung out in the cabin playing with toys....

....and watching T.V.

We also spent a fair amount of time on the beach and in the water.

The funny thing is, even though we were away for almost a week, now it just seems like a dream; a pleasant memory that may or may not have happened. I don't remember feeling this way when I was a child, but it seems like my life is going faster and faster and all of my past experiences are beginning to blur and feel like a series of dreams and nightmares. The only thing that's real anymore is what's happening to me in this very moment.
I can't help but wonder if this is what life will be like after death, if I'll just wake up in a familiar place surrounded by familiar people wondering if this mortal experience ever happened. I don't know, just musing.


Dutson House Happenings said...

That is a really interesting muse. I wonder if that's what it will be like too.

Anderson said...

We've been talking about Bear Lake and when we do I always think of you guys. Can't believe how your kids are growing so fast. Yes, life gets faster and faster for sure. Enjoy the times when you can sit and take it in.

Rebecca said...

I feel the same way. I remember being a kid, and it taking FOREVER to get through it... Now just holding on for the ride is scary enough...

Love ya babe!

Pat said...

You know the old saying "Are we there yet?????????" Well as you get old like us we say, "Are we there already! All a matter of perspective.

Love you,