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Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Spelling Bee

My amazing daughter was in the school spelling bee yesterday.

I am so proud of her! They took the top two spellers from each of the fourth and fifth grade classes so there were 18 students who participated in the school-wide spelling bee. They sent home the big list of words that even I can't spell (I swear half of them were French) and we dilligently studied with her.

Chloe made it through to the third round (there were only four students left) and then misspelled "consensus". The sad thing was that she knew how to spell the word, she just got in a hurry and said "o" instead of "u". But she reacted so well! She was a little disappointed, but she didn't cry or freak out.
I'm just so proud of her for doing her best and accepting the outcome even though it meant she didn't win. I love her so much! Does this mean she's growing up?


Sues2u2 said...

We're pretty proud of her too! Way to go, Chloe!!!! You are awesome!!! (I'd give you a big hug if I was there)

Pat said...

I am so proud of Chloe too. She is really growing up into a lovely gal. I love her too and think you guys are doing a great job with your kids!

love you,

Rebecca said...

Look how pretty she's getting! What a smarty pants.

mommynolan said...

She's just like her Mama! You should be proud of both, how well she did and how she handled a mistake! You really are a good mom!