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Monday, July 13, 2009

Ummmm....the Sequel

Speaking of Chloe asking awkward questions...
A couple of days after that last incident, we were eating dinner and the conversation drifted to clams. (Don't ask how or why, we tend to discuss really odd things during dinner) Anyway, the kids wanted to know where people get clams to cook. Brian explained that mostly they come from clam farms. Graeme (of course) wanted to know where the clam farms got the clams. I couldn't help but laugh because I knew exactly where this was going.

Brian: Well, they take baby clams and raise them.
Chloe: But, where do baby clams come from?
Me: (falling off my chair with laughter) Yeah, where do baby clams come from?
Brian: (getting into the humor of the moment) When a mommy clam and a daddy clam love each other very much.......
Graeme: What?
Me: Trees! Clams come from trees!
Kai: (aka Animal from the Muppets) Clam trees! Clam trees! Clam trees!

Fortunately for Brian and myself, the kids found the idea of clam trees so hilarious that the conversation shifted into an interesting discussion of trees that we would like to plant in our yard. (For example, a money tree or a donut tree) I can't help but wonder if I should just give in and take the kids to one of the many local dairies during breeding season and then again during calving season. Of course, that would probably just raise questions that I'm even less capable of answering.


Rebecca said...

HAHAHAHA. I haven't hit any akward questions like these yet, but I know they're coming. Love the clam-trees, though. I hear there's a lot of infidelity within the clam community, so it's probably a much better approach to the subject for tender young ears... :D

Pat said...

You do have a problem what with all the kids working on you two together. When you kids were little we didn't have the problem with all of you "ganging" up against us with questions at once. Good luck! Your meal times should continue to be interesting because they don't forget.

Love ya,

sues2u2 said...

lol! I love it. I can just see how much fun you must have been having. Good thing you guys have such a great sense of humor too.

Oh & thank for the heads up w/ your timely warning of how much Chloe seems to know. I'll watch for it w/ Hanae!

Love bug said...

Man I sure do love all of the conversations that you have at your house!!

Thom said...

What a great post. Kids are just awesome. Thank you for stopping by my playground. Much appreciated :) Aloha

Sissamom said...

What would I give to be a fly on the wall during your dinners! Too funny! Tell your kids "hi" from me :)