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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bizarre Spring - 2

Oops! I just realized that I didn't ever blog about our neighbors' front yard being struck by lightning! It was the neighbor just above us on the loop (two houses down from your old house, Anna). As best we can tell, the lightning avoided all the tall things in the yard and hit this dinky pole next to this tree.

It traveled down the pole and blew up this root. There were bits of sod all the way down the street. The scary part was that they were all in the front room at the time except for the 11 year old who was out in the backyard!

Pretty impressive, eh?

Fortunately, we weren't home at the time. I think my kids would have freaked out!


Dutson House Happenings said...

Holy cow! That is crazy! Even after the lightning striking there, I still hope to move back to that neighborhood! I bet the thunder was so loud! Thanks for sharing about the lightning!

Pat said...

That really was a traumatic event. I'm so glad no one was hurt. It was something else to see though.

Love ya

Rebecca said...