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Friday, November 7, 2008

Down with germs!

We've had some interesting illness at our house this week. Tuesday Kai threw up all day. He didn't get the whole "into the bucket not all over the couch" concept until the third time he barfed. Sigh. I am grateful that he eventually did get that particular concept, however. The funny thing was that in between episodes of projectile vomiting he was just fine. Really! He wanted to jump and play and have treats. I of course put the kaibosh on all of that. He seems to be much better now although he's still not eating much and he's acting really tired. He's actually napping right now!

On to Graeme. When I was helping in his class (also on Tuesday) he felt really warm to me but he also was acting just fine and I kind of had my hands full with Kai so I didn't think much about it until evening. I decided to take his temperature just to see and it turned out to be 104.5. Again, sigh. He's been on Tylenol and Motrin and home on the couch ever since. The odd thing is that he doesn't have any other symptoms and you'd never even know he was sick except for the whole temperature thing. Strange. I sure hope he's better by tomorrow because we signed him up for basketball and that starts tomorrow.

Chloe has the beginning of a stuffy nose but so far her temperature's normal. Keep your fingers crossed, we sure are. Brian and I are just exhausted of course. I tell ya, if I had known about this whole sick kids business I'm not sure how eagerly I would have signed on for this motherhood deal. I REALLY hate cleaning up vomit!


Dutson House Happenings said...

I hate cleaning it up too! I hope you guys get over you sicknesses soon.

sues2u2 said...

Poor Mommy. I admit that it isn't fun when kiddos are sick. Plus it's hard when they act sick for a second but then are fine! Ugh. I hate that!

Pat said...

I'm sorry to hear about the sickness. Do you know what? I hate cleaning up that stuff too. Never did like it and I can remember some nasty ones. So count yourself lucky you only opted for three, two more just about does you in - when that stuff comes around. Once they figure it out, the bucket and all, it's a bit easier except the no sleep of course.

Hope they are doing better now and that Chloe doesn't come down with it. Sue told me so we opted not to come and visit until after the "yuckies" leave. Sorry but still don't like cleaning up mine either???

Love ya,

Pat said...

Oh, and I love the pictures of your dinosaurs. They look just great!

Great job!

Love ya

Anderson said...

I can tell how spoiled I am about sleeping through the night with no babies when Mackenzie woke up (of course in the middle of the night) an threw up-on the side-of the toilet. I was mad and grumpy and selfish because I had to get up and of course like everyone else, who wants to cleanup puke? Yuck!