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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Graeme Is Also Exceptional

Okay, I just have to do a little more bragging. I talked to Graeme's teacher today and she was very impressed with how well Graeme is reading (he's in Kindergarten). She also said that his pronunciation is very natural and a pleasure to listen to.
Of course, every time I talk to his Speech teacher she goes on about how smart he is and what a great kid he is.
The funny thing is, I was considering waiting a year to start him in school because he's so super energetic and I didn't think he would do well in school.
Hooray for Graeme!
You know, Kai (who's 2) can already spell his name...........

1 comment:

sues2u2 said...

It's very easy to "brag" when your kids are so wonderful, isn't it?!! They get it all from their parents! I know that Graeme is reading better than Hanae. She is doing okay & would probably be doing better if I would sit & read other books with her. sigh...

I wish so much that we lived closer. I've done better by moving where we have but it is still too far away. I just want to grab your kids @ give them "loves" but Kai is the only one who will let me!