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Monday, August 27, 2007

Here I am, blogging about kids and food

So I'm sitting in my basement with Matlock going in the background trying to ignore my 2-year-old kicking the wall. He's in his crib, supposed to be asleep, but in the strange world which my kids inhabit sleep and mealtimes were created by bloodthirsty parents whose only purpose in life is to torture helpless, innocent children.
We've recently started forcing our 8-year-old daughter to eat food other than chicken nuggets, cereal, pasta and bread. Needless to say, this is not going well. Mealtimes have gone from 45min of enjoying each others' company to 2 and 1/2 hours of screaming, crying, nightmare. Last night we gave her a small piece of hamburger (with cheese and bun, both of which she normally loves), a small corn on the cob (again, this isn't usually a problem), two small green beans, and a small pile of Rice-A-Roni. Oh, and let's not forget the poison-filled glass of strawberry Kool-Aid. I got fed up with the stalling and set a time limit. 1 hour later, after much screaming (on my part), sobbing (on her part) and gagging (I can't be too critical about that, have you ever eaten overcooked canned green beans? ugh! Although in all fairness I did remind her several times to eat them while they were warm) she finally choked it all down.
But wait! you say. How can a growing eight-year-old survive on such a small amount of food? I have no idea. Really. My guess is that she's not growing, after all, her five-year-old brother weighs the same as her and is almost as tall. Of course, we do have to buy her new clothes and shoes every couple of years so she must be growing a little bit. I don't know.
Anyway, our five-year-old is taking his cues from her (as usual) and has also started kicking up a fuss at mealtimes. A couple of nights ago he actually took his gagging to the next level by throwing up a small piece of cabbage. And it was good cabbage, too! crisp and fresh. Sigh. Sorry, Mom, for all those times I sat at the table not eating the perfectly good food that you provided for me. Can we say comeuppance?

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