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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A walk

This morning I went for a walk.

I saw color: green, brown, a touch of red, one whole tree with leaves yellow like the sun.  I saw flowers, grass, bushes and trees moving in the wind.  I saw the mountains solid and unmoving.  I saw rocks and grasshoppers and houses and dogs and cows.  I saw beautiful things.

I heard my footsteps.  I heard the wind moving through the leaves and grass and past my ears.  I heard insects and dogs and children and cars.  I heard beautiful things.

I smelled Fall.  I smelled grass and trees and dirt.  I smelled cows and hay.  I smelled the canyon on the wind and the coolness that is no longer Summer and is not quite Winter.  I smelled beautiful things.

I felt my legs moving and my heart beating.  I felt the sun on my face and the wind pushing and tugging at me.  I felt beautiful things.

Now I feel my Father's love in all this beauty trying to break through the ugliness that is living inside me.  I hope it succeeds.


Dutson House Happenings said...

Thanks for the post! Love that if we slow down and take in our surroundings we can feel Heavenly Father's love.

Rachael said...

I've been thinking about you...

Love you!

Pat said...

I need to do just that and be reminded of the important things around us that help keep us close to our Heavenly Father. God loves you as do your Husband,Children, Parents, Siblings, Aunts, Uncles, please try to remember that always.