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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Just the two of us

Today's a big day.  Graeme had scout camp and a baseball game, Chloe had school and a birthday party and Brian had work and a meeting this evening.  So Kai and I took ourselves to Willow Park (Zoo) for a little fun.

Kai took this picture, he thought the pelican was the coolest thing ever.  He didn't believe me that it was a pelican until we found the information sign confirming it.  The only thing better (in Kai's mind) was the wallaby but it stopped hopping and laid down in the grass before I could get the camera out.

We had to feed the fishes and birds but it was hard convincing Kai to go one piece at a time, he wanted to throw the whole handful in at once!  He's very six :)

The sno-cone stand opened while we were there so we got one to share.  Yum!  Blue raspberry flavored sugar water!

I kept trying to get a picture of him coming out of the slide but he was just too darn fast.

So I made him go back and sit there so I could take a picture!

Even though I only have three kids, one-on-one time with each of them is incredibly rare so I really cherish these special moments.

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